Dear alumni, students and Folkwangers!

Here at the Folkwang University – with locations in Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund – can be found the roots of the artistic/academic careers of our students as well as their “home“.  Without our alumni, we would not be what we are today: the “College of Art“ in the Ruhr region, which has made a name for itself throughout the entire world in the fields of music, theatre, dance, design and science. We are well aware of the fact that former Folkwangers and the many outstanding artists associated with our institution over the past 80 years along with all their exceptional personal histories have greatly contributed to our reputation. This is why our alumni are so impor-tant to us.

The Folkwang Alumni programme has become a very clear reality: We will soon reach the 1.900th member and this number is increasing on a daily basis! For us, it is a great way to see where in the world the Folkwang University is being represented and, above all, it also provides a good basis on which to continue building up our alumni network.  
Contact with our alumni programme and other members will occur by post and email, thus helping to establish personal networks between freshly minted graduates of the Folkwang University and Folkwangers who graduated somewhat earlier, between artists with experience in the art business and those looking to gain some, between those people who are established in their field and those looking to become established. Last but certainly not least, we hope that through our alumni programme former students and colleagues will be able to get in touch again with people they once knew. Through our networks of artists, new ideas can be born and perhaps even new artistic engagements can be arranged. All of this is possible because here former Folkwanglers who are all graduates of a special university with its own special quality and identity have a chance to meet each other. In addition to the annual alumni meeting and the events known as Welcome! (Willkommen!) and Passed! (Bestanden!) – where Folkwang alumni come to get to know each other – in the future there will be additional ways for our graduates to get in touch with each other.

We cordially invite you to be a part of FOLKWANG ALUMNI: Please simply fill out the contact sheet and send it off to us. You can also help us find other alumni by providing us with their names and/or addresses and/or their current engangement. We will then try to make these Folkwangers part of network, thus increasing our alumni potential.

We would also like to hear from all our former students what path in life they have taken. Naturally, we guarantee that such information and personal data will absolutely not be shared with other people or organisations.

Please do contact us,

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