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Study course offers

The Folkwang University of the Arts offers a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate study courses. These include study courses in artistic-musical practice, artistic-academic, academic, artistic-pedagogical courses and courses in performing arts as well as in design.  

A detailed list of all study courses is available here.

You will find more useful information pertaining to the first application to the Folkwang University at our Before studying & Start of study site.


As part of the Bologna Reform that has taken place all over Europe, the study courses at the Folkwang University of the Arts have also been reformed. The major part of our study courses are now offered as Bachelor und Master study courses. The three-to-four-year undergraduate Bachelor study course teaches the core knowledge and skills of the subject. These can be deepened in the Master study course. The Master degree is equivalent to the Diploma or Magister degree.

General information on Bachelor and Master study courses

The Artist Diploma and the Folkwang Brief für Gestaltundegrees represent special cases at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

The Artist Diploma degrees have been included in the canon of degrees at the Folkwang University as a result of the particular intensity of the study courses and the class structure in the areas of Acting, Directing, and Physical Theatre. These degrees are awarded for an intensive artistic study course. As in the cases of Bachelor and Master study courses, these study courses are also modularly structured study programmes.

The Folkwang Brief für Gestaltung is a qualifying degree for the post-graduate Design study course. It is strongly focused on an independent artistic-academic profiling in the field of design, thus necessitating a three-year period of study. 

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