Re-Enrolment & Social fee/Semester-Ticket

How to transfer the social fee and the amount for the semester ticket


Re-Enrolment ...
... for the winter semester will be accepted between June 15 and September 15
... for the summer semester will be accepted between January 15 and March 15

Please transfer the following amounts to the relevant accounts at the time of re-enrolment (as of 03.01.2017):

Social Contribution & Semester Ticket

The difference in amounts is due to the separate allocations for the various student unions, which will receive some of the amount.

For Essen: 293,38 €
ASTA: 9,00 €
Student Union: 95,00 €
VRR-Ticket: 138,48 €
50,90 €
TOTAL: 293,38 €

For Bochum: 265,38 €
ASTA: 9,00 €
Student Union: 67,00 €
138,48 €
NRW-Ticket: 50,90 €
TOTAL: 265,38 €

Account Information:

Account Holder: Landeskasse Düsseldorf
Institute: HELABA Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE20300500000004012217
Reason for Payment:
95000001138 /‘Student's name’/‘Matriculation No.’

Please replace ‘Matriculation No.’ with your personal matriculation number and ‘Student’s name’ with your full name. Please make sure to fill in the purpose of payment as shown so that the payment can be allocated correctly.

Muster-Überweisung für Studienbeitrag. Bitte ersetzen Sie "Matrikel-Nr." durch Ihre Matrikelnummer und "Name des Studierenden" durch Ihren vollständigen Namen. Nur dann kann die Zahlung richtig zugeordnet werden. (Klicken zur Vergrößerung)