Water ahead

Cargopack 2020 | Wintersemester 2008/09

_Matthias Rauch

My aim with the concept “water ahead“ is to locate “all“ the isolated habitants in the floods as fast as possible and to supply them first of all other with live-saving fresh water so that they can live on until the lifeboats with helpers reach them.

Together with lifeboats the swarms of small autonomous capsules swim over the flood. When these capsules  - like track hounds - locate unlocatable habitants in houses etc. - with technologies like thermalgraphic cameras - they swim self-navigated “ahead“, as fast as possible to the people. 

Acoustic signals and flashing lights inform the habitants that a capsule arrives. The mudwater of the flood has already been filtered - by diffusion through the capsules intelligent skin - into fresh drinking water. With a camera the helpers on the boat can overview the situation and decide which isles and people have priority of fast help.

Wintersemester 08/09

Industrial Design

Betreut durch
Prof. Kurt Mehnert
Prof. (stv.) Carolin Schreiber