malaspina intermedia

Sommersemester 2010

On september, 25th 2010 Castello in Movimento at Castello Malaspina presented the world premiere of a site-specific work featuring large scale video projection and electroacousic sound performance by Berklee School of Music's InterArts Ensemble, directed by Neil Leonard, and students of the Folkwang University, Essen, Germany. The twenty-minute piece features several of Berklee's most outstanding students performing on laptop and processed instruments: voice, electric bass, saxophones. Top students and faculty from the Folkwang University projected interactive video of processed imagery mapped to the castle’s exterior.

The work is a culmination of a week-long workshop at the Castello Malaspina in which participants explore the rich historical implications of the castle's history and unique architectural and sonic character of the site. This innovative project pairs students from Berklee's Electronic Production and Design department and the Folkwang University Interactive Design department for a week of interdisciplinary collaboration. In the process, students will develop software specific to this performance in Max/MSP and the Processing programming language with experts in the field.

Project Team (Picture 1)

kate bilinski (music/berklee)
rose seyfried  (music/berklee)
enrico de trizio (music/berklee)
john hull (music/berklee)
simon deeg (visuals/folkwang)
prof. neil leonard  (music/berklee)
steffen mueller (visuals/folkwang)
marius tippkaemper (visuals/folkwang)
prof. claudius lazzeroni (visuals/folkwang)

Sommersemester 2010


Betreut durch
Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni