Crossing Europe

Wintersemester 2009/10

_Jana-Lina Berkenbusch
_Nina Thöming

Im Rahmen des internationalen Studierenden-Workshops "Unity and/or diversity
for Europe?" in Den Haag ist das Projekt Crossing Europe entstanden. Ziel des Workshops war, Lösungen zu finden, wie man den Europäern ein "Wir-Gefühl" vermitteln kann, bzw. wie man die Unterschiedlichkeit der einzelnen Länder beibehält und trotzdem eine europäische Identität schafft. Crossing Europe wird auch auf der Design & Government 2010 präsentiert.


Jana-Lina Berkenbusch | Kommunikationsdesign
Nina Thöming | Industrial Design

Aus der Projekt-Präsentation:


  • Improve the citizen’s attention of being in Europe
  • Give them the feeling of WE EUROPE
  • communicate the slogan CROSSINGEUROPE
  • Bring the citizen closer together
  • Inform about EUROPE without self-initiative

CROSSINGEUROPE visualizes for everyone, walking on the street, that the person is situated in one country of the EU. Different variations will be placed in every country in the EU. With clear symbols on the streets, instead of usual CROSSWALKS, some details about EUROPE will be written on the ground. Every member state of the EU can show their diverse characteristics in a system of unity. The symbols are not added, they are INTEGRATED in the enviroment of their cities. Everyone will be confrontrated with the EU on a simple way. People can share their feelings about it and it can be a startingpoint for a new European COMMUNICATION. Also it’s a metaphor of beeing SAVE in EUROPE, wich is an important point of the EU.

Wintersemester 09/10